The job duties are as follows:

 Cleaning HVAC system duct work and air handler units for industrial, commercial, healthcare and residential customers.

Air washing, using air compressor and special equipment
Hand wiping
Applying various products like cleaners and coatings by hand and with various sprayers

Installing access to duct work.

Drill holes in sheet metal with drill gun.
Use electric shears and hand snips to cut opening.
Drill screws to install duct panel.
Work from ladders, scaffolding and lifts (certified only), utilizing proper fall protection.

Cleaning kitchen hoods and exhaust duct work for industrial, commercial and healthcare customers.

Pressure washing
Hand wiping & scraping
Applying cleaners by hand and with various sprayers

Cleaning surfaces in industrial settings (manufacturing plants – machinery, ceilings, etc.)

“Blow down” using air compressor and special equipment
Vacuuming & hand wiping

Load & unload equipment at job site.
Share driving responsibilities with other crew members (no CDL required).
Communicate with our customers.
Read mechanical drawings to determine how/where ductwork runs through buildings.

Duct Cleaner Job Description

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